6 Steps to a Clean Lobby

\"\"A clean lobby conveys a warm, professional and inviting message about your business. Make a great first impression on your visitors by following these six steps to a clean lobby.

1. Prep for cleaning.

Depending on your specific needs, cleaning your lobby may require the following materials:

– All-purpose cleaners
– Window washing supplies, including squeegees
– Carpet cleaning equipment
– Wood furniture polish
– Garbage bags
– Stain-removing carpet cleaners
– Caution or “wet floor” signs

All of these cleaning supplies are available in our online catalog. If you have specific questions about the best supplies for your cleaning needs, contact our team today to get expert recommendations!

Gather these materials in your janitorial cart and place a caution sign on the lobby floor if you are planning on mopping or doing more deep cleaning.

2. Practice daily cleaning.

The following steps should be done on a daily basis in your lobby to keep it looking its best. Remove debris and trash from the area, use a microfiber dust mop to clean tiled areas and use a degreaser or all-purpose cleaner to spot-clean frames, doors and walls. If carpets are stained, use a spot remover solution and portable spotter to clean up a spill immediately.

3. Practice weekly cleaning.

More labor-intensive tasks can be done once a week (or more often if your lobby is a very high-traffic area). Make the entrance welcoming by dust mopping, sweeping, then wet mopping the hard floors. Use a glass cleaner and squeegee to spot-clean windows to remove smudges and fingerprints. Polish furniture with a wood cleaner, or damp wipe or vacuum upholstery as needed. Finally, vacuum all carpeted areas, paying particular attention to high-traffic lanes and walk-off mats.

4. Practice monthly cleaning.

Each month, wipe down the walls and baseboards to get rid of spills, cobwebs or dust bunnies. Remove mats and vacuum them, then dust and vacuum the tops of frames and doorways and all heating ducts and vents. Clean all the windows in the lobby with a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner.

5. Practice semi-annual cleaning.

As necessary, strip and redcoat floors and apply floor finish, and use an extractor to deep-clean carpets and rugs.

6. Clean up after yourself!

Following each of these steps, properly dispose of trash bags and remove wet floor or caution signs when the area is completely safe and dry. Rinse out and clean any buckets, mops, cloths and equipment you’ve used, and return your janitorial cart to its proper storage space.

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