Cost-Effective, Healthy Fitness Facility Cleaning

If you manage a fitness facility, you know that keeping it clean and healthy increases member satisfaction, attracts new members and ensures renewals. Together with Spartan Chemical, we address your unique needs as a fitness facility manager by recommending products that deliver powerful results. Understanding Your Needs We know that routine cleaning and disinfection significantly reduces the risk...
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Apply Floor Finish Like a Pro

Floor finish protects your original floor surface from wear and tear, provides slip resistance and adds a brilliant shine. Essential for promoting a clean and safe environment, floor finishes are used in hospitals, grocery stores, schools, retail stores, office buildings, manufacturing plants, malls and more. When properly applied, floor finish adds longevity, shine and safety to your floors....
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The Best Scents in Air and Odor Control Products

Walking into a restroom and being overwhelmed by a scent is unpleasant – even if the scent is designed to keep bad odors at bay. Unfortunately, many cleaning teams go too far in their quest to keep restrooms smelling fresh, and they end up overwhelming the space with fragrances. Mixing and matching scents is a cardinal sin because...
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Creating a Greener Future with Solaris LoCor Towels, Tissue and Dispensers

Here at Banner Systems, we are committed to helping our customers make greener choices when it comes to cleaning supplies, equipment and paper products. That’s why we are so proud to partner with Solaris, a company that is leading the way with advanced paper and dispensing systems, improved efficiencies and more sustainable products. For Solaris, sustainability is a...
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Pest-Proof Your Facility with These Tips

Pest control is an important part of any facility’s cleaning and maintenance program, and making it a priority helps protect the health and well-being of the people who work and visit your building. Follow these tips to pest-proof your facility! Keep all food tightly sealed and properly stored, especially in the cafeteria and kitchen. Instruct your custodial staff...
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