6 Truths You Should Know about Traditional Mopping

You’re probably cleaning with dirty water.

Think about the traditional floor cleaning process with one bucket: you add solution to the water, dip in your mop, clean the floor, then place your mop back into the bucket. You’re also putting dirt from the floor into your solution, then putting it back on the floor again. Prevent this cross-contamination by using a dual bucket system.

Your mop may be full of germs.

If you’re using a traditional cotton string mop, it may be full of germs. For better sanitation and health, choose a microfiber flat mop and use a dual compartment bucket to prevent re-soiling of both the surface you’re cleaning and your mop. Making the switch to microfiber can reduce bacteria by up to 96% compared with a traditional cotton string mop.

Your mop may be costing you money.

Microfiber mops require a greater initial investment, but they last much longer than traditional cotton mops. Within your first 150 washings, you’ll maximize your ROI thanks to their effectiveness and durability.

Your janitors may be at risk.

Mopping is one of the most dangerous tasks cleaning professionals perform. It’s the second-leading cause of injury, resulting in major losses to businesses in worker’s comp, time, efficiency and productivity. Choosing the right tools with ergonomic designs can reduce this risk.

Wet string mops can triple in weight during use, but microfiber mops are significantly lighter. Extra weight makes getting the job done more difficult on the back, hips and wrists.

Your mop may be the wrong size.

One of the best ways to protect your cleaning staff is to provide mops with telescopic handles that can be adjusted according to height. When a custodian uses the wrong size tool, they cannot properly position their hands, causing incorrect posture and a greater muscle load on the shoulders.

Traditional mopping wastes time.

Mopping is time consuming, taking up as much as 40% of the working time in the majority of cleaning jobs. Making the switch to microfiber mops can cut this time down significantly because they can cover larger areas with less repetitious motion. Because microfiber mops weigh less than cotton mops, they also prevent fatigue, letting your crew work more efficiently for longer periods of time.

Our online catalog of cleaning supplies in Boston contains many options for microfiber mops that glide easily across most floor surfaces, provide excellent absorbency and leave floors streak-free. To learn more or to schedule your free demo, contact us today!

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