A Complete Guide to Restroom Cleaning Procedures: Part One

\"\"Want to promote hygiene and health while reducing the spread of disease and infection in your facility? Focus on restroom cleaning!

Creating a clear restroom cleaning procedure for your janitorial staff ensures the job is well done, reduces labor time, boosts efficiency and prevents cross contamination. Follow this guide to get those results in your own facility.

Take Safety Precautions

Your cleaning team must fully understand how to use the equipment and chemicals required for the task at hand. Provide material safety data sheets (MSDSs) and product labels for every product used, and instruct your staff to use cleaning chemicals only for their intended purposes. They should also know to never mix cleaning chemicals and to wear the proper personal protective equipment, including gloves, goggles and a mask when appropriate.


This important step makes the cleaning process more efficient. Before cleaning, instruct your staff to review supply checklists and ensure their carts have everything needed to do the job, including cleaning supplies in Boston, cloths, mops and refills for soap and paper dispensers.

Remember the Three Rules

There are three fundamental rules for restroom cleaning. First, always clean from top to bottom. Second, clean from dry to wet. Third, work from the back of the room toward the exit.

Create a Daily Cleaning Procedure

Certain tasks must be done at least once daily to keep restrooms clean and healthy. Follow this check list to make sure your staff completes each task:

  • Clean toilets and urinals with a disinfectant solution
  • Remove trash, spray receptacles with disinfectant and replace liners.
  • Check soap dispensers and refill when needed, then clean them with a disinfectant solution.
  • Do the same with paper towel and toilet tissue dispensers.
  • Dust mop the floor, beginning at the farthest corner and working toward the exit.
  • Clean and disinfect sinks and countertops, followed by mirrors.
  • Spot clean the walls and light switches.
  • Do a final spot cleaning on frequently-touched areas.
  • Wet mop with disinfectant, working toward the exit door from the furthest corner of the room.

Following these steps daily will ensure your restroom will stay clean and hygienic. Stay tuned for next week’s post on more detailed cleaning procedures for restrooms!

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