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A “Handy” Guide to Choosing the Right Safety Gloves

Selecting the right gloves for a task can mean the difference between safety and injury. At Banner Systems, we take your well-being seriously, which is why we provide a wide range of safety gloves in Brockton, MA, suitable for every job. Follow this “handy” guide to choose the best safety gloves for your needs!

Latex Gloves

Suitable for: Incidental contact
Latex safety gloves are good for handling water-based and biological materials, but they are not appropriate for handling organic solvents. They offer little chemical protection and detecting puncture holes is difficult. Use of latex gloves may also trigger allergic reactions.

Nitrile Gloves

Suitable for: Incidental contact and extended contact
Great general-use gloves, nitrile safety gloves work well for handling solvents, greases oils and some bases and acids. Tears and breaks are easy to detect, and nitrile safety gloves are a good alternative for people with latex allergies.

Neoprene Gloves

Suitable for: Extended contact
We offer neoprene safety gloves in Brockton, MA, that are good for handling phenols, bases, acids, hydrocarbons, fuels, alcohols and peroxides. These gloves can handle most hazardous chemicals, but they are not recommended for aromatic or halogenated hydrocarbons.

Kevlar Gloves

Suitable for: Applications where cuts are possible
Kevlar safety gloves are some of the toughest safety gloves in Brockton, MA, we offer. These gloves are cut-resistant, but they should be layered with disposable gloves if there is potential for chemical or biological contamination.

These are just some of the many safety gloves in Brockton, MA, we offer. If you have questions about the appropriate kind of glove to wear for your next project, contact the team at Banner Systems today!