A Handy Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Clean restrooms are a key part of making a positive impression on your clients, visitors and staff, and no other space in your facility is as closely scrutinized as the restroom. Think about it: you could enjoy a five-star meal at a fancy restaurant, but if the restroom is filthy, that\’s what you later remember about the experience, right? A dirty or poorly-stocked restroom makes a bad impression that casts a shadow over the entire experience.

This is why it is so important that restroom cleaning be taken seriously and that no corners are cut by your janitorial staff. There are many steps to cleaning a restroom, and it is easy to forget a step from time to time, but those mistakes can lead to negative impressions of your business and perhaps even the loss of clients.

Help your janitorial staff by creating job cards for restrooms that include a checklist of each task they are expected to complete. Use the guide below to get started, add your own specific tasks and laminate it so your staff can mark items off with a dry erase marker again and again.

Comprehensive Restroom Cleaning Checklist

____ Put on personal protective equipment.

____ Place “wet floor signs” in the cleaning area.

____ Check paper towel dispensers and refill as necessary.

____ Check tissue dispensers and refill as necessary.

____ Check soap dispensers and refill as necessary.

____ Sweep and mop floor.

____ Empty all trash containers.

____ Place fresh trash liners.

____ Clean mirrors.

____ Clean sinks.

____ Spot clean partitions and walls.

____ Clean dispensers, push plates and light switches.

____ Visually inspect the space, looking at vents, dispensers and other areas that may require further attention.

____ Clean and store equipment.

Consider creating these cards for each one of the areas of your facility so your staff never misses a step and you always make a positive impression on clients. To learn more about creating an efficient program for restroom cleaning in New England, contact the team at Banner Systems today!

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