Are You Making These 5 Floor Finish Mistakes?

Have you ever spent hours finishing a floor only to take a look at it and realize something went wrong? It happens to nearly everyone at some point. Maybe you rushed a step or didn’t plan for environmental factors, like humidity or heat. To make your floors look their best, avoid these five common floor finish mistakes:

1. Not stripping completely

Doing a thorough job when stripping is vitally important. Any spots with remaining old finish will create dull patches on the floor when it is refinished. Using a high-quality product, like Bay Bones No Rinse Stripper, will help, but it’s also important to use the right technique.

Bay Bones No Rinse Stripper can be diluted for light, medium or heavy stripping. Start by dust mopping and removing any stuck-on debris from your floor, like gum (we know it happens!). Dilute appropriately, then add the product to warm water. Apply a generous amount of the solution to the workable area, then let it sit for five to ten minutes. The only agitation necessary is from the mopping action when applying the stripper! Use a wet vac or mop and bucket to pick up the solution and old finish, then check out your floor to ensure that stripping is complete. When finished, rinse the surface with cool, clear water, then let it dry completely before applying sealer or finish.

2. Not rinsing completely

After stripping, use cool, clear water and a clean mop to rinse your floors completely. If you don’t take the time to do this step right, you may have to start over at the beginning again.

3. Using the wrong mop

Not all mops are created equal! Cotton cleaning mops will leave lint on the floor when used to apply finish, and they may also cause streaking.

For applying floor finish, we recommend using the Janico Medium Finish Mop.

We love this mop’s looped-end construction that eliminates linting and fraying, making it perfect for applying finish. The 100% synthetic yarn is also ideal for finish work, and it includes at 1-inch mesh headband for quick drying and to help remove the most stubborn dust spots. Best of all, you can use it with all standard mop handles.

4. Applying coats too quickly

Applying floor finish requires a good solution, a good mop and plenty of patience. Let each coat dry completely. Rushing this step will result in a floor with dull patches.

For a brilliant gloss with ultra-wear, we recommend Bay Class 25% Solids Floor Finish. After stripping old finish away, scrubbing and cleaning your floor, apply this finish in thin coats. If your floor is in bad shape or is old, we recommend using two coats of sealer before finishing coats. Apply five or six coats on unsealed floors, and if your floors are cleaned or scrubbed, apply as needed. Remember to use a different mop for stripping, sealing and finishing, and let the finish cure for 24 hours before burnishing. For best results, we recommend using with regular weekly UHS burnishing.

5. Not letting the floor cure completely

We told you patience is important, and we mean it! Although it may be tempting to move your furniture or other items into the space quickly, your newly-finish floor will need at least 48 hours to cure. Allow for more time if you live in an area with high humidity. If you don’t wait long enough, the legs of your furniture may stick to your new, beautiful floor!

Like all things, applying floor finish requires a bit of planning and foresight to get the best results. If you have any questions about the process or upkeep after finishing, give our experts a call today at 1-800-242-1400!

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