Bad Odors and the Cleaning Chemicals that Battle Them

Have you ever walked into a facility, crinkled your nose and thought “What\’s that smell?” Your second thought was likely that the facility was dirty, and you wanted to leave. That\’s the impression foul odors have on the perception of a facility, how it is run, and how much its management cares about its customers. Even isolated foul odors can cause a strong negative perception of the entire facility.

In the same strain, pleasant fragrances can brighten customers\’ moods, make them feel at home in your facility and deliver a sense of wellbeing or calmness. For example:

  • Floral scents are great for a variety of facilities and areas because they smell natural and fresh.
  • Edible scents, like cinnamon or freshly-baked bread, are ideal in places like nursing homes and food service areas because they stimulate the appetite and promote health.
  • Herbal scents, like lavender or mint, can ease depression, stimulate the brain, and promote health and relaxation.
  • Citrus and other fruity scents are perfect for restrooms because they increase alertness and counteract strong odors.
  • Fresh and outdoor aromas are great for lobbies, general traffic areas and laundry areas because they give the perception of cleanliness.
Banishing Bad Odors with the Right Cleaning Chemicals

Our extensive inventory of cleaning chemicals includes air fresheners that are formulated with these and other pleasing odors. They are the optimal solution to neutralize foul scents and leave a fresh, pleasing aroma behind. Unlike regular air fresheners that just overwhelm the yucky smell with a stronger scent, these products break down the malodor to completely eliminate it.

Odor control is often focused on restrooms, but your custodial staff should also have a plan for combatting odors in other areas, like break rooms, kitchen areas, laundry rooms, lobbies, conference rooms and even hallways.

To learn more about eliminating bad odors, improving your customers\’ experiences and improving your facility\’s image, contact Banner Systems today at 1.800.242.1400. Our highly-trained staff can help you select the cleaning chemicals that will leave your facility smelling fresh and pleasant!

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