Best Practices for Hard Surface Floors During COVID

Facilities around the globe are rethinking best practices for hard floor care in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything from managing reduced labor forces to promoting infection control is being reexamined. Keep reading to get pro tips for improving your cleaning processes during this time when proper care is most essential. 


Coronavirus and Floor Care 

Hard surface floors are the largest reservoirs for viruses and bacteria. COVID-19 is a droplet-based virus, and we know that gravity plays a huge role in letting it settle on floors. Think about what happens next: after reaching the floors, those droplets can easily be tracked around facilities on shoes, carts, purses and more. 

This makes floor disinfection important for a huge range of facilities, including grocery stores, medical facilities, educational spaces, food processing plants and more. 

Use a natural, good-quality disinfectant regularly to disinfect floors and reduce the risk of spread in your facility. 

Remember to remove debris first by cleaning, and always follow the contact time on your chosen disinfectant’s label. 

Color-coding your floor care cleaning supplies can further reduce infection by making cross-contamination less likely. Our online catalog includes microfiber dust mops, for example, in a variety of colors. Use a different color for different areas of your facility to ensure bacteria is not spread from one section to another.

More Efficient Floor Care 

How can facilities take a more efficient approach to floor care? The right equipment can help. We are happy to recommend the best replacements for mops and buckets, and we can connect you with the most efficient floor scrubbers, buffers and more for your needs and budget. Contact us today to start the conversation! 

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