Coronavirus + Flu Season: Everything You Need to Know to Create a Clean, Healthy Facility

\"\"Infection control and cleaning have been on our minds constantly since spring, when the coronavirus pandemic first made its way to the United States. All of that preparation, knowledge and experience will serve us well as we prep to tackle an additional challenge: flu season.

While this year\’s flu season may not be as bad as ones in the past due to the precautions we are already taking to reduce the spread of coronavirus, like wearing masks and social distancing, we cannot take anything for granted and must continue to clean like our lives depend on it!

Follow these four tips to keep your facility clean and healthy during the upcoming flu season and continuing pandemic:

1. Get your flu shot!

The single best way to prevent getting the flu is by getting a flu shot. Encourage your employees to get one and consider listing nearby pharmacies that offer them on a breakroom bulletin board or in an email. Getting the flu makes you more susceptible to other illnesses, including the coronavirus, so please take this measure to protect yourself.

2. Make it easy to practice good hand hygiene.

We all know the importance of good hand hygiene when it comes to reducing viral transmission. Make it easy and convenient for your team to keep their hands clean by installing hand sanitizer dispensers in high-traffic areas like near your entrances and exits, near workspaces and in popular hallways. Making hand sanitizer widely and easily available is the best way to encourage hand hygiene that protects everyone in your office.

3. Disinfect frequently-touched hot spots.

Continue to disinfect high-touch areas and objects frequently. Objects you may be overlooking include light switches, railings, door knobs, keyboards, alarm system panels, phones and faucet handles. These objects can be touched by many hands a day and should be disinfected often. Consider placing containers of disinfectant wipes near these objects so they may be easily wiped down as soon as they are used.

4. Avoid Cross Contamination

Use color-coded cleaning cloths to eliminate the risk of cross contamination. When you always use blue cloths for bathrooms and green ones to wipe down desks, you’ll know right away if you’ve made a mistake.

A healthy office doesn’t happen by accident. It is created intentionally by following these steps and using the highest quality cleaning supplies in Boston. Browse our online catalog full of coronavirus cleaning supplies and talk to our team today about how our supplies can help you create a healthy, happy office this flu season!

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