Developing a Cleaning Program to Fight Pathogens

Cleaning and disinfection are vital to stopping the spread of germs on surfaces, and we aren’t just talking about the coronavirus. Nearly 80% of infectious diseases are spread via touch or contact with surfaces that essentially act as reservoirs for germs. 

One of our greatest responsibilities as cleaning and maintenance professionals is preventing the spread of pathogens and interrupting the infection chain. Taking these steps will give your cleaning program a strong foundation and help keep your facility free of germs and pathogens: 

Develop specific procedures. 

Having written procedures in place is important for guiding cleaning processes throughout your facility. Take the time to write out which surfaces need cleaning, which team member is responsible for each space, which products should be used and the proper ways to use them. Make note of all-important dwell/contact times and make a plan for reducing cross contamination. Each time you learn a new best practice or a new, better product hits the market, review and update your procedures. 

Check your products. 

All of the scrubbing, wiping and elbow grease in the world won’t make a difference if you are using the wrong products. Ensure all your disinfectants are EPA-approved to work against pathogens that concern you, like norovirus, cold viruses, influenza and, of course, coronavirus. If you aren’t sure about a product, give us a call at 508-588-1835 and we can check claims or recommend the best cleaning supplies in Boston for your needs. 

Educate your staff. 

Make sure your team is properly trained on your protocols and products, and talk to them about what to do if an outbreak impacts your facility. Make a plan for additional procedures and precautions, and go over it with your staff. 

If you adopt these recommendations, you can feel confident that your facility is prepared to meet any challenge. 

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