Pro Tips for Dusting Your Office with Our Cleaning Supplies in Boston

\"\"Dusting seems to be one of those cleaning to-dos that always needs to be done. Dust comes from many different sources, and it can build up quickly, creating an unsightly and unhealthy work space. Creating a positive image for office visitors and staff requires making dusting a regular task, but it also needs to be done correctly to encourage neatness, reduce absenteeism and promote better work habits. Follow these tips to make sure your staff is dusting the right way, every time:

– Start with high surfaces, then work your way down toward the floors.

– Begin dusting at one end of the room, then move in one direction around the space until you reach the beginning again.

– Don’t dust around objects like pictures, paperweights or phones. Move them, dust underneath them, then put them back in their original positions.

– A microfiber cloth is one of the most valuable janitorial supplies in Boston you can use for dusting! Use one to wipe down smudges or spots on desks and walls. Adding just a small amount of water to the cloth can help you tackle most spots on hard surfaces.

– Dry microfiber cloths are also ideal for cleaning computer monitors and television screens. Stay away from tissues, paper towels and even window cleaners, because these cleaning supplies in Boston can damage or scratch screens.

– Dusting blinds can be a challenge unless you take the right approach: dust across the top first, then close the blinds so they face down. Use a dry microfiber cloth to dust the entire surface, then close the blinds so they face up. Dust that surface, then restore the blinds to their original position.

– Finally, don’t forget to run your vacuum to remove dust from tough-to-clean areas and clean up any stray dust that settled onto the floors during the cleaning process.

Following these steps and making dusting part of your regular cleaning routine reduces airborne dust and will make your office a healthier environment for employees and visitors. Healthy employees are happier employees, and keeping a dust-free space creates a more welcoming, productive environment.

Need to stock up on the right cleaning supplies in Boston to dust-bust your office? Check out our online catalog here to shop for everything from microfiber cloths to vacuums and more!

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