Banner Systems: Keeping Your Floors Clean During The Winter Challenges of Ice Melt

The Winter Challenge: During the colder months, ice melt and salt, often tracked into buildings, pose a significant challenge for floor maintenance. This not only detracts from the appearance of your floors but also risks potential damage and safety concerns.

Banner Systems’ Expert Solution: Recognizing these challenges, Banner Systems offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions tailored to effectively combat the harsh effects of winter on your floors. Our expertise in the field ensures that your floors remain pristine, safe, and well-maintained.

The Challenge: Winter brings with it the inevitable struggle of dealing with ice melt and salt being tracked into buildings on people’s shoes. This not only affects the cleanliness and appearance of your floors but can also lead to potential damage and safety hazards.

The Solution: Regular floor cleaning during the winter months is essential to combat these challenges. It’s not just about maintaining a pristine appearance; it’s a matter of prolonging the life of your flooring and ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

Key Benefits:

  1. Prevents Damage: Ice melt and salt can be corrosive. Regular cleaning helps prevent the breakdown of flooring materials, protecting your investment and avoiding costly repairs or replacements.
  2. Enhances Safety: Wet and salty floors are slippery, posing a risk of slips and falls. By keeping floors clean, you significantly reduce these hazards, ensuring a safer space for employees, customers, and visitors.
  3. Maintains Aesthetic Appeal: First impressions matter. Clean floors present a welcoming and professional environment, reflecting positively on your business or facility.
  4. Improves Indoor Air Quality: Salt and ice melt can contribute to poor indoor air quality when left unchecked. Regular cleaning helps to keep the air in your building cleaner and healthier for everyone.
  5. Supports Long-Term Maintenance: Regular cleaning eases the burden of intensive seasonal cleaning. By staying on top of winter floor care, you simplify maintenance tasks throughout the year.

Product Spotlight for Effective Winter Floor Cleaning:


Spartan Xcelente Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a hard surface cleaner that is safe for use on a variety of hard surfaces. It is a phosphate-free formula that leaves a shiny, streak-free finish. It also has a long-lasting lavender fragrance.



Spartan Clean by Peroxy is a Green Seal Certified all-purpose cleaner that is environmentally responsible. It is formulated with the cleaning power of peroxide and can be used on windows, mirrors, floors, walls, carpets, restrooms, kitchens, tile, and grout without streaking. It is also formulated to quickly remove everyday soils, including greasy residues.



Spartan Damp Mop Cleaner is a no-rinse floor cleaner concentrate that reduces the time and labor cost of daily maintenance for high-gloss floors. It is fast drying and can quickly and effortlessly remove dirt and other surface soils in heavily-trafficked areas. It also leaves no residue or haze to dull floor finish.


Accessible and Informative Approach:

We understand that the technical aspects of winter floor cleaning can be overwhelming. That’s why we focus on providing clear, direct information about our products and their applications, ensuring that you find the perfect solution for your winter floor cleaning needs. Give us call today to learn more 508-588-1835 or you can fill out our contact form here!

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