Our Favorite Scotwood Ice Melts in Boston

Nothing is more essential to keeping your facility and visitors safe during the winter months than ice melt. Using ice melt reduces the risk of slip-and-fall accidents in your walkways, sidewalks and parking lots, creating a safer, healthier atmosphere for everyone. Here are some of our favorite ice melts in Boston from our partner Scotwood:

Scotwood Green Scrapes Ice Melt

This eco-friendly ice melter works to temperatures of 10ºF and is infused with Ice Ban, an innovative formula that makes this ice melt safer for sidewalks and vegetation. We love the green color indicator that makes for easier and fewer applications! Click here to order online.

Scotwood Excel Calcium Chloride Pellets

Melting to temperatures of 25ºF, this high-powered ice melt in Boston melts snow and ice two to 5ive times faster than blended ice melters and rock salt. There’s simply no other more efficient option in the industry today! Click here to order Excel Calcium Chloride Pellets online today.

Scotwood Road Runner Calcium Chloride Blend

Available in both 20 lb bags and a 50 lb pail, Road Runner Calcium Chloride Blend melts to -15ºF. One of our most popular products, this ice melter combines sodium chloride, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride pellets to produce a fast-acting ice melt at a very reasonable price. Click here to order online!

Don’t Wait to Order Ice Melt

Stock up on ice melt before you need it. Nothing is worse than getting surprised by a snow storm and not having it on hand. It’s also important to apply ice melt before a storm strikes, not just during or after it.

Use the Right Kind and Amount of Ice Melt

Using the right product for your application and environment will dictate how much you need, but in general, you should use two to four ounces of ice melt per square yard. Choose products made for your environment. We can recommend the products that will work best in New England’s temperatures and weather conditions.

Protect Yourself

Use caution when applying ice melt. If you are using a calcium chloride product, wear protective gloves and eyewear to stay safe.

Use Floor Matting

If ice melt is a first line of defense against slips and falls, floor matting is the second. The right kind of floor matting will reduce the likelihood of falls while protecting your floors from snow, debris, moisture and ice melt.

Store Ice Melt Properly

Keep your ice melt in airtight containers, and stow them away from sunlight, air and moisture to avoid hardening and degrading the product.

To learn more about our inventory of ice melt in Boston and the best way to use it, contact the team at Banner Systems today!

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