Oxygen Cleaners: An effective, eco-friendly alternative

\"OxygenCleanerBrocktonMA\"Although oxygen cleaners have been around for over 30 years, they are just starting to make a splash among the general public and professional cleaners. Sales of the innovative cleaners have risen by as much as 80 percent per year in the recent past, and although each product varies, all oxygen cleaners are based on the same technology.

When applied to organic stains imbedded in carpets, oxygen cleaners release tiny bubbles of oxygen that devour the organic content, leaving behind a clean, odor-free surface.

Our oxygen cleaners in Boston, MA, can be applied as pre- or post-sprays or through bonnet cleaners. The solution is then agitated, which causes it to bind to the material. The oxygen then lifts organic spots, stains and odors to the surface of the carpet, where it may be wiped away, blotted out or vacuumed.

The Difference Between Conventional and Oxygen Cleaners

Unlike conventional products that rely on harsh, toxic ingredients like acid, glycol ether, alcohol, bleach or ammonia, the oxygen cleaners we supply don\’t just mask spots or stains or bury organic matter further into carpet. Our oxygen cleaners actually reduce organic matter by breaking it down into elements that can be removed from the carpet. When used correctly, these cleaners remove odors and stains without leaving a residue.

The Environmental Benefits of Using Oxygen Cleaners

Our stock of oxygen cleaners in Boston, MA, are environmentally friendly. The cleaners are far less toxic than conventional cleaning products, and they also often use fewer packaging materials. Oxygen cleaners can replace a number of other products, so they also limit overall chemical use and landfill space.

More than Just Carpet Cleaners

Oxygen cleaners can tackle more than just stained or soiled carpets. We also supply oxygen cleaners for use in restrooms, glass cleaning, hard floors, dishwashers, septic systems, tile and grout, countertops and more.

To learn more about our eco-friendly, effective oxygen cleaners in Brockton, MA, contact the team at Banner Systems today!


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