Paper Towels in New England: A First Defense Against Cold and Flu

\"PaperIt is flu and cold season again, and while most Americans know that hand washing is the best line of defense against bacteria and viruses, fewer realize that proper hand drying is actually just as important when it comes to fighting off infections.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), wet hands transmit far more bacteria than dry hands. Although restroom users often have a choice between drying methods, including air dryers, evaporation, and cloth towels, the most effective method for drying the hands and banishing bacteria is paper towels.

Paper Towels in MA Offer Superior Drying Power

Using paper towels for just ten seconds can leave the hands 96% dry, and spending an extra five seconds longer can leave the hands 99% dry. The average air dryer can take three times as long – up to 45 seconds – to dry the hands, but most users only spend a fraction of the time needed in front of the machines. Men spend an average of 17 seconds using the driers, and women spend an average of just 13.3 seconds. They finish off the job themselves by wiping their damp hands on their pants, waving them through the air (dispersing bacteria) or simply reaching for the door with still-wet hands, spreading germs as they go.

Paper Towels in New England Top Choice for Hygiene

Paper towels dry faster, and they also provide cleaning power that other methods cannot offer. With their ability to easily remove microbes and soils, paper towels have become the go-to method for keeping hands dry and clean in a number of facilities.

Paper towels also eliminate the problem of bacteria dispersal common with air dryers. Hot air dryers spew bacteria up to three feet, and jet air dryers can send bacteria dispersing as many as six feet. This dispersion is not a problem with paper towels, drastically reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Studies conducted by the famed Mayo Clinic reiterate these findings while concluding that paper towels are the preferred method of drying the hands. In a washroom environment, paper towels in Brockton, MA, remove bacteria effectively, reduce cross-contamination and dry hands more effectively than all other options. To learn more about how paper towels and other paper products in New England can keep you healthy throughout cold and flu season, contact the team at Banner Systems today at 1.800.242.1400.

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