Pro Tips for Washing Windows

Streak-free glass windows make any facility look cleaner and more professional. Follow these expert tips to get clean, clear windows quickly and easily!

Start with a Squeegee

A high-quality squeegee is the key to getting streak-free windows. A 10- to 12-inch squeegee is ideal for most jobs, and don’t forget to stock up on replacement blades. Changing the blade when it becomes rounded, nicked or sliced prevents streaks. Take care of your blades by making sure nothing is touching them in storage.

You don’t need other fancy supplies to get streak-free windows, but you do need basics like a large bucket, a good sponge and glass-cleaning solution.

Follow the instructions for mixing the solution with water and follow these steps to clean like a pro:

Step One: Dip your sponge or scrubber in the solution and squeeze out excess water.

Step Two: Scrub the glass, taking care to clean the edges and cover ever square inch.

Step Three: Place the squeegee at the glass’s top corner and move it down with even pressure from the top to the bottom. Hold the squeegee at an angle so only the blade touches the glass.

Step Four: Next, starting in the upper corner, pull the squeegee horizontally across the top of the window. Keep the squeegee\’s top edge in contact with the window’s top edge.

Step Five: Use a clean towel to wipe off the squeegee blade and remove excess water and dirt.

Step Six: Continue working down the window in horizontal rows. Overlap each stroke with the previous one by about two inches, and don’t forget to wipe down the squeegee after every stroke.

Step Seven: Use your rag to wipe away any excess water at the window\’s bottom, then run the rag around the window\’s perimeter to get rid of any suds that remain.

To get high-quality squeegees and other supplies you need to get streak-free windows, contact the team at Banner Systems today!

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