Satisfy Customers with the Right Restroom Cleaning Supplies in Brockton, MA

\"RestroomWhat is the most important room in your facility? You may think it is your own office, or maybe the conference room or some other space where serious business takes place, but when it comes to customer satisfaction, the restroom is the most important.

According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive in July 2012, a dirty restroom turns customers off more than nearly anything else.

The survey revealed that an unkempt restroom can quickly send customers to your competition, but it also showed that most complaints can be resolved with the right restroom cleaning supplies in Brockton, MA.

The majority of respondents said that dirty or sticky floors, overflowing trash cans and unpleasant odors were the top characteristics of a dirty restroom, and many cited a lack of essential supplies as a reason to give a restroom that negative label. Each of these issues can easily be fixed if you invest in the right cleaning supplies and institute an effective restroom cleaning program.

For example, restroom odors can be banished by using air fresheners, surfaces can become shiny and germ-free with deep cleaning disinfectants, and oversized paper products and dispensers can eliminate the problem of running out of essential supplies.

You should never lose a customer because of a dirty restroom. Make your restrooms a focal point of your cleaning program to show your customers you care and boost the reputation of your business or facility. We carry an extensive inventory of restroom cleaning supplies in Brockton, MA, that can make your restrooms shine and your customers smile! Contact us today at 1-800-242-1400 to learn more.

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