Spring Cleaning Essentials: Spartan Damp Mop

\"\"In a recent poll, 90% of customers say that dirty floors, stains and spills create a negative perception of a facility.

At Banner Systems, we know floor care is all about the shine and gloss. That’s why we carry Spartan Chemical floor cleaning supplies — formulas that make your floors as clean and bright as the day they were installed. Spartan’s line of maintenance and restoration products makes that goal easy to achieve.

After a long winter, your floors probably need a bit of TLC. If ice melt residue and other winter soils are still dulling your floors, use Spartan’s Damp Mop to restore them. This no-rinse, biodegradable concentrate cleaner won’t leave behind any haze or residue, and it even has a pleasant lemon scent perfect for spring.

Fast-drying Damp Mop is ideal for high-traffic areas and effortlessly removes dirt and other surface soils. It’s also biodegradable and phosphate-free.

Benefits and Features

– Specifically formulated for maintaining high-gloss floor finishes

– Pleasant lemon scent

– Eliminates the need to rinse, saving you time and money

– Extends the life of the floor finish

– Safe to use on all resilient floor types, including rubber, vinyl, asphalt, quarry tile, ceramic, terrazzo and any surface not harmed by water

– Will not streak, haze or dull floor finish

Damp Mop may be used for light-duty spot cleaning, with an automatic floor scrubber, a spray system or a bucket system and is also a great choice for daily damp mopping. For daily cleaning, simply dilute 1:128 (1 oz/gal), fill your bucket and mop! Rinse the mop frequently and change the solution as needed.

To learn more about Spartan’s Damp Mop, contact our team today, or shop now in our online catalog!

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