Spring Cleaning for Floors: Getting Rid of Ice Melt Residue

\"FloorMachine\"Spring has finally arrived in Boston, and there are tell-tale signs everywhere: the temps are creeping up past freezing (at least during the day), birds are singing and we\’ve even seen the sun peep out a few times. These are the pretty signs of spring, but there\’s an ugly one that many area facilities are discovering: floors covered in a white powdery residue from months of tracked-in ice melt.

Ice melt does a great job at keeping your sidewalks, parking lots and walkways safer all winter, but it also may leave an unpleasant stain on your floors if left there too long. Sodium-chloride based ice melts can dull the finish of your floors, and those made with magnesium chloride or calcium chloride can leave behind a residue that harms wax and urethane finishes. The result is unattractive, slippery hard floors and carpets that attract dirt.

The best way to prevent these damages is stop ice melt from coming in with track mats, but if your floors are already marred by ice melt, follow these steps to make them look their best this spring:

Ridding Your Floors of Ice Melt Residue

Use a mop or vacuum to remove large pieces of sodium chloride products, and clean the area thoroughly with a mop and good detergent. If dirt has been tracked in along with ice melt, use a mildly acidic cleaning formula.

If that doesn\’t do the trick, heavier cleaning with cleaning equipment will be necessary. To restore the shine of your floors and remove residue completely, consider spray buffing or burnishing. This will renew your floors and make them look like new all season.

Using a floor machine or autoscrubber may also be necessary to completely restore your floors. These more aggressive machines will remove some of the floor\’s surface to prepare it for a new coat. The result is a clean, shiny ice-melt free floor.

If ice melt has marred your floors this winter, contact the team at Banner Systems today to learn more about the products you need to keep your floors looking great this season and beyond!

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