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Stock Up on Ice Melt in Brockton MA Now to Prepare for Winter

Ice-Melt-Brockton-Ma-3According to weather forecasters, a wild winter lies ahead for Massachusetts and the rest of New England. Luckily, most of us already know how to survive the frigid, windy, snowy months. It’s time to stock up on thick sweaters, mittens, hearty stews, firewood and, of course, extra ice melt!

When it comes to dealing with ice-covered sidewalks, you have many options for preventing slippage and adding traction. In this blog post, we will talk about how ice melt works and the different types available here in Brockton.

How Does Ice Melt Actually Work?

The various types of ice melt work in similar ways. They attract moisture and form a liquid brine that melts ice by generating heat. That brine spreads out and breaks the bond ice forms with the pavement, making it easy to shovel away.

Types of Ice Melt in Brockton, MA

The vast majority of ice melts are made from the same ingredients, and some are blended to get the best perks of these different chemicals:

Ice-Melt-Brockton-MA-2Calcium chloride:

This conventional ice melt gets rid of ice quickly because it emits heat as it dissolves, but it often leaves a slimy residue behind. It can also damage vegetation and metal if over-applied. It’s cousin, magnesium chloride, is similar but is safer to use on plants and concrete.

Sodium chloride:

Better known as rock salt, this ice melt in Brockton, MA, is inexpensive but quite efficient. It’s also great at drying out icy surfaces, and it is safer to use on concrete than other types of ice melt.

Potassium chloride:

This ice melt may set you back a bit more than other varieties, but it melts ice to temps of 12 degrees. Try mixing it with rock salt to get some of the effects without spending too much.

Calcium magnesium acetate:

CMA works a bit differently than other ice melts. Instead of forming a brine, this compound stops snow particles from sticking together, and it lowers the risk of re-freezing better than it melts ice.

Choosing the best ice melt in Brockton MA for your needs and budget can be tough, but our team can help! Contact us today at 800-242-1400 to start stocking up on ice melt now — you’ll need it this season!!

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