Towel Dispenser Torture!

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How indestructible is your dispenser? When you make the investment in a paper dispenser, make sure it will last.Check out the torture that von Drehle dispensers go through and just keep on dispensing!

Baseball Bat Torture: Out comes the aluminum baseball bat from a would-be minor league player.  After numerous impacts on the dispenser, there is no sign of fracture or weakness.  The demonstration cracked three wall tiles, but the von Drehle towel dispenser and towels were unfazed.

Cigarette Lighter Torture:
 Think like a high school kid trying to be cool, and you’ll understand the next torture test to the von Drehle dispenser.  After lighting the exposed towel end, the paper catches fire, but as soon as it reaches the edge of the dispenser, it self-extinguishes.  Not only does the dispenser remain unharmed, but the paper towels are unharmed too!

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High-Pressure Water Torture: Next comes the water blast torture.  With a high-pressure nozzle, the von Drehle dispenser is exposed to sustained high pressure washing.  After the water is turned off, there is not one crack or fracture on the dispenser, and all the towels remain dry .. which comes in handy for the wet hands of demonstrators.Welding Torch Torture:  After a full 18 seconds of intense flame from a welding torch, the von Drehle dispenser finally shows some reaction.  The surface flames a bit, but then self-extinguishes as soon as the torch is turned off.  There is obvious melting of the dispenser’s exterior, but the paper is still protected and unharmed.

Truck Lift Torture
 – Ever think of using towel dispensers as truck lifts?  You would if you were trying to find a way to damage a von Drehle paper dispenser!  In this final torture, four von Drehle  Jumbo Roll Tissue dispensers are loaded with von Drehle\’s 2-ply tissue. A new, fully loaded Ford F350 is lowered onto them, one tire at a time. The dispensers show signs of slight distortion while the truck is balanced on them, but when the dispensers are extracted, they immediately revert back to their original shape. And, the tissue is good-as-new, as well!> Check out Banner’s line of indestructible dispensers

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