Traffic Conditions a Factor when Choosing Floor Cleaning Supplies in New England

\"FloorAll hard-surface floors invariably have some amount of grit, sand, dust, dirt or clay on them, and for the most part, this debris does not present a major problem. The debris does, however, become more problematic when equipment, people and carts frequently roll over or walk on the floor. The sharp edges of dry debris can begin eroding, abrading and harming a floor and its finish once pressure is applied by feet or wheels.

The number of mechanical vehicles and people that move across your floor is known as “traffic,” and knowing the amount of it in different areas of your facility will help you create a better cleaning program and choose the right floor cleaning supplies in New England.

To evaluate the traffic in your facility, follow these guidelines:

Low Traffic Environments

These environments are usually small retail stores or offices. The facilities see anywhere from 100 to 500 people come through every day, and weekly floor maintenance is enough to keep the floors clean and free of debris.

Medium Traffic Environments

This category is typically made up of smaller class “A” and “B” buildings that have between 500 and 1,500 people coming through each day. Daily cleaning is recommended to make floors in these facilities look their best.

High Traffic Environments

Large office buildings, schools, hospitals and transportation centers are examples of high traffic environments. These facilities have over 1,500 people walking their floors each day, and they require floor maintenance throughout the day.

The traffic patterns within your office or facility may also vary. For example, your entrance, lobby and break room may be high traffic areas, but other sections of your facility may see low or medium traffic.

As you create a floor cleaning program and evaluate floor cleaning supplies in New England, consider these traffic patterns to ensure that your floors are appropriately maintained. Our team can recommend the best floor cleaning supplies in Brockton, MA, for each one of these traffic patterns, so give us a call today at 1-800-242-1400 to learn more.

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