Winter Floor Care: Best Practices for Using Ice Melt

With the onset of October, winter is just around the corner, and for facilities in Brockton, preparing for brutal winters with snow and ice is crucial. Stocking up on ice melt is a proactive step to ensure safe pathways and prevent accidents during icy conditions. However, proper usage of ice melt is equally important to prevent damage to floors and maintain a clean and safe environment. In this blog post, we’ll outline best practices for using ice melt around your facility and offer insights into winter floor care, along with recommendations for two top-performing ice melt products – Scotwood Green Scapes Ice Melt and Scotwood Excel Calcium Chloride Pellets.

Best Practices for Using Ice Melt in Brockton

Pre-Treatment: Apply ice melt before a snowstorm or freezing rain event to create a protective barrier and prevent ice from bonding to the surfaces.

Proper Application: Use ice melt sparingly to avoid overuse, as excessive application can cause damage to floors and vegetation. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the recommended coverage and ensure even distribution to maximize effectiveness.

Spot Cleaning: Promptly remove ice melt residue from indoor floors using a mop or wet vacuum to prevent tracking it throughout the facility.

Safe Storage: Store ice melt in a dry, sealed container to prevent clumping and maintain its effectiveness over time.

Preventing Ice Melt Tracking and Stains

Entrance Mats: Place absorbent entrance mats at all building entrances to trap moisture and ice melt residue from shoes, preventing them from being tracked inside.

Floor Protection: Use floor runners or protective mats in high-traffic areas to shield floors from ice melt and water during winter months.

Frequent Cleaning: Implement a routine cleaning schedule to remove ice melt residue from floors, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic, to prevent stains and buildup.

Floor-Friendly Ice Melt: Consider using ice melt products like Scotwood Green Scapes Ice Melt, which features a lower chloride content and a green color indicator for easier application, making it safer for sidewalks and vegetation while still effectively melting ice.

Ice melt in Brockton from Banner Systems

Recommended Ice Melt Products

Scotwood Green Scapes Ice Melt: This eco-friendly option is blended with Magnesium Chloride and infused with Ice Ban, providing a melting point that rivals other blends but with a lower chloride content. The green color indicator makes it easier to apply and requires fewer applications, while still offering efficient ice melting capabilities. Click here to stock up now.

Scotwood Excel Calcium Chloride Pellets: A high-powered de-icing pellet, Excel Calcium Chloride melts snow and ice 2 to 5 times faster than rock salt and blended ice melters. This product is also popular in the Ready-Mix industry, enabling faster setting times and reducing curing and finishing times. Its efficiency and fast-acting properties make it one of the best ice melters in the industry. Click here to order yours today!

Proper winter floor care and ice melt usage are essential for maintaining a safe and clean environment during the harsh winter months. By following best practices for ice melt application and implementing preventive measures to protect floors from tracking and stains, facility managers can minimize damage and maintain a welcoming and hazard-free environment. Consider using Scotwood Green Scapes Ice Melt and Scotwood Excel Calcium Chloride Pellets, two top-performing ice melt products that prioritize efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. By stocking up on these reliable ice melters now, you can confidently face the winter season ahead.

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