6 Steps to a Clean Lobby

A clean lobby conveys a warm, professional and inviting message about your business. Make a great first impression on your visitors by following these six steps to a clean lobby. 1. Prep for cleaning. Depending on your specific needs, cleaning your lobby may require the following materials: – All-purpose cleaners – Window washing supplies, including …

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How Dirty are Your Walls?

Most to-do lists for facility maintenance managers are similar. They include tasks like window washing, furniture dusting, restroom disinfecting and break room sanitizing, but there is one task that is frequently ignored: washing the walls. When thinking about surfaces that need to be cleaned, walls rarely enter the mind, but they should. All walls hold …

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Introducing Nitrile Gloves – an Effective Alternative to Latex

Latex gloves were once the go-to choice for medical professionals, but there is a newer alternative that is becoming increasingly popular. Nitrile gloves are gaining favor for their durability, elasticity and strength, and they eliminate the risk of allergic reactions created by natural rubber latex gloves. Made from a synthetic rubber, nitrile gloves are often …

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